Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another year flies by...

My baby girl turns 4 today
The time... it really seriously does just pass you by.
I can't believe I'm the mother of a 4 year old.
That it has been four years since I gave birth to
& became 'Mama' of a beautiful little girl.

McKenzie is smart.
& outgoing.

McKenzie is usually willing to try any new food at least once.
I say she's a vegetarian though, cause if left up to her she'd eat mostly fruit and veggies...
[and candy!]
She loves stickers & 
currently likes to 'write' letters and requires many envelopes.
She is a budding artist, and prefers a blank sheet of paper to a coloring book any day.
She loves going to awanas and refers to the others in her class as "my kids".
She enjoys telling knock knock jokes & 
her favorite movie to watch these days is 'Up'.
She enjoys helping with the laundry & cooking.
[which is why we had a Chef party this year]

McKenzie loves with all her heart.
and she rarely meets a stranger.
& she smothers her new baby brother with 
more love than I could have imagined she would have for him.

Happy 4th birthday baby girl!
You have truly blessed my life, so happy to be your mama!