Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're Back... Wishing we weren't quite yet.

I've been an awful blogger.
I've been slacking on my reading
of everyone's blogs.

And have been meaning to finish off my trip to Kansas
and my 2 trips to the Texas State Fair.

I got a call from David one day about 2 weeks ago
asking if I'd like to go to Hawaii.

Umm. Did he really need to ask?!!

He was headed to Oahu for about a 4-5 days of work,
but thought he'd take Kenzie and I along and extend the trip a few days.
I spent several days getting an itinarary together, packing, etc.
And then we were off.

It was so AMAZING.
I can't describe the beauty.

So obviously, I have tons to share from this trip.
And way way overdue things to share.

But with the time change and the overnight flight
where I pretty much got about 30 minutes of sleep...maybe.
I'm exhausted.
Plus I need to go through my thousands of pictures
to find my favorites to share with you guys.

Be back soon :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Polaroid Instant Camera

a birthday present from my hubby.
I had been dying to have one.
I had a slightly older style in mind,
but I love this one.. flash or no flash option,
& two distance choices.
I must say... I very much adore having it.

If you're looking to own one,
the rather easy and inexpensive part
is the camera itself (for a vintage one)
Just do a search on etsy or ebay.

The investment is in the film. yikes.
But I'd say it's totally worth it.
I have to constantly remind myself
to use the film wisely, select my pictures carefully.

Definitely a top fave birthday present of all 26 years of my life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kansas-Craft Fair

We flew in to Wichita
and sweet Megan picked us up at the airport
We grabbed lunch at chipotle
and headed out to Carolyn's (a family friend of Megan's)
She has a beautiful house
with a lake, tons of land and
a bunkhouse where we slept.

We got up early the next morning
and headed out to the big Craft Show
in Hillsboro, Kansas.

We met up with Jess and her lovely sister Ann
and shopped the craft fair
and surrounding fun places Megan knew about
Then went out to 2 barn sales

Janey was a super happy baby
and also enjoyed the barn.

We were all in heaven
and probably never would have left.

But, cooking and having a wonderful
 dinner with Jess, her sister and mom,
was calling us back to Megan's.

The drive back was beautiful.

What a fun day of shopping with all the girls.
So much better than shopping with husbands,
that ask why we need one of those...
or what we're gonna do with that. ;)

Cooking with all of the women and Megan's daughters
in the kitchen was more than I can explain.
Dinner was delicious.
And chatting with the girls fed some part of me
that I didn't know had been empty.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Paradise-Anna Grace

Did you see this little girl perform on Ellen?
Amazing, beautiful, talented.
Brought me to tears.

You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Texas State Fair, Oh how I Love you.

Yesterday was my birthday,
and I had THE BEST day.

My hubby got me a polaroid instant camera
I've been dying to have one!
Pictures to come.

And we went to the fair,
it was an overcast, cool day
only sprinkled a little...
and best of all...
the crowds were sparse :)

I've got lots more pictures to share.
And overdue posts about Kansas....
More soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My new Jewelry Model

My sister kindly obliged
and modeled some of my jewelry.
It was a good time.

A few shots...

While we were outside
We saw this down the street.

Cracked us up.
And scared us a little...
Can you see the BIG dog
hanging out the second story window?!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Year

It's my one year Etsy-versary!
I am so thankful for all the support
I've received from everyone.
It's been an amazing first year
and to celebrate I'm doing a big sale.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Everything in my shop.
(of equal or lesser value)
Today until tomorrow (Friday) at midnight.