Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

It's a huge fantastic selection of goodies 
that will be given away to 
4 different randomly selected winners!!

Do you want to be a Winner?
I know I do!...
Look at all these wonderful items...

...So, go HERE, follow the instructions...
and maybe you'll be the winner of some
pretty fantastic earth friendly items!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I found my 'Caged' necklace on the front page today...
StellaJade on Cosa verde

Thrilled to pieces :)


a very sweet blogger (and fantastic customer), Laura,
contacted me recently to do a giveaway for her birthday.
You can find her and the fun giveaway at Wasted Textbooks.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hope everyone has a...

"Praise the one who paid my debt..."

Friday, April 10, 2009

A great new blog and a feature

Robin Lynne has started a blog

A fantastic idea, as there are MANY
great items at affordable prices on etsy.

And I'm flattered to have my orange rose ring
featured on her brand new blog!

Robin Lynne takes beautiful photographs

Photograph is property of Robinlynne

which you can find in her Etsy shop 
and you can also visit her website

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Bells were ringing...

My best friend since 6th grade 
got married this past weekend!!
It was a beautiful and super fantastic wedding.
I don't think it could have gone 
any more smoothly than it did....
well ok, I could have done a little less shaking
while giving my toast... I don't do well with public speaking,
even though I honestly don't mind doing it...
it's just that once there with everyone staring...
I tend to get really nervous. 

Bow and ribbon bouquet I made Erin for the rehearsal:

The happy bride to be with her bouquet:

The maids/matron and the bride after the rehearsal:

The girls at the rehearsal dinner:

At the salon the next day:

The beautiful Bride waiting to walk down the isle:

And June 12th, my bestie since 4th grade 
will tie the knot as well!! 

If you had told me back when I became friends 
with each of these girls, that I'd be standing 
by their side one day, as they got married...
I'm pretty sure I would have had a remark such as,
"Well duh! We're going to be best friends forever"
Cause let's face it, I was 10 and 12 at the time, 
and that's what I honestly believed.
But, here in the moments of it all happening...
It's surreal.
I couldn't have asked for any two better people 
to have grown up with!
And they have found two of the most wonderful guys,
I'm so happy for them both!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My little family

My hubby lost his job a little over a month ago.
But God provided an opportunity 
that same day that he lost his job, for
a short 4 week contract job, the only catch...
the contract job was in Panama City Beach.
I didn't know how I'd make it 4 weeks without him.
But, he took the job, and we made it through the 4 weeks.

And we're so thankful that during his contract,
He got offered a full time position. (here in dallas)!!!

He ended up getting called out of town again for 2 days.
So I'm alone again.
And I'm matron of honor in a wedding tomorrow.
But he'll be back in the morning and will be able 
to dance with me at the wedding. So all is ok.

So this week, we spent some time at the zoo one day, 
and got McKenzie's picture taken with the easter bunny another day.
We had a FANTASTIC time at the zoo.
And McKenzie called me Mama.  Pointed at me and said, " Mama".
One of the greatest days ever :)


Same spot 10 months ago:

First Carousel Ride:

She loved the little petting zoo area!

And feeding the birds.  

This was so fun with her.
I got some great video, but 
missed a moment I'm still kicking myself for.  
She actually got a bird to sit on her stick 
and she lifted up carefully enough
that he stayed for a bit....  not long enough for me
to catch on camera, though. So sad.

I loved seeing her love the animals.
And watching her learn and enjoy things.
It's so amazing and exciting.

I'm just in awe of all the little moments with her.
So thankful and so blessed to be her Mama.