Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Bells were ringing...

My best friend since 6th grade 
got married this past weekend!!
It was a beautiful and super fantastic wedding.
I don't think it could have gone 
any more smoothly than it did....
well ok, I could have done a little less shaking
while giving my toast... I don't do well with public speaking,
even though I honestly don't mind doing it...
it's just that once there with everyone staring...
I tend to get really nervous. 

Bow and ribbon bouquet I made Erin for the rehearsal:

The happy bride to be with her bouquet:

The maids/matron and the bride after the rehearsal:

The girls at the rehearsal dinner:

At the salon the next day:

The beautiful Bride waiting to walk down the isle:

And June 12th, my bestie since 4th grade 
will tie the knot as well!! 

If you had told me back when I became friends 
with each of these girls, that I'd be standing 
by their side one day, as they got married...
I'm pretty sure I would have had a remark such as,
"Well duh! We're going to be best friends forever"
Cause let's face it, I was 10 and 12 at the time, 
and that's what I honestly believed.
But, here in the moments of it all happening...
It's surreal.
I couldn't have asked for any two better people 
to have grown up with!
And they have found two of the most wonderful guys,
I'm so happy for them both!

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