Friday, April 3, 2009

My little family

My hubby lost his job a little over a month ago.
But God provided an opportunity 
that same day that he lost his job, for
a short 4 week contract job, the only catch...
the contract job was in Panama City Beach.
I didn't know how I'd make it 4 weeks without him.
But, he took the job, and we made it through the 4 weeks.

And we're so thankful that during his contract,
He got offered a full time position. (here in dallas)!!!

He ended up getting called out of town again for 2 days.
So I'm alone again.
And I'm matron of honor in a wedding tomorrow.
But he'll be back in the morning and will be able 
to dance with me at the wedding. So all is ok.

So this week, we spent some time at the zoo one day, 
and got McKenzie's picture taken with the easter bunny another day.
We had a FANTASTIC time at the zoo.
And McKenzie called me Mama.  Pointed at me and said, " Mama".
One of the greatest days ever :)


Same spot 10 months ago:

First Carousel Ride:

She loved the little petting zoo area!

And feeding the birds.  

This was so fun with her.
I got some great video, but 
missed a moment I'm still kicking myself for.  
She actually got a bird to sit on her stick 
and she lifted up carefully enough
that he stayed for a bit....  not long enough for me
to catch on camera, though. So sad.

I loved seeing her love the animals.
And watching her learn and enjoy things.
It's so amazing and exciting.

I'm just in awe of all the little moments with her.
So thankful and so blessed to be her Mama.


Laura Lou said...

What a perfectly lovely day!! And to top it off with being called Mama--the BEST!! Nothing like it in the world...

Megan said...

that's rough. four whole weeks!! it gives me hope though that i will survive the month of august. jonathan will be in okc the whole month for an ortho rotation. eek. i have a feeling i will be crashing at my parents house for awhile. that's fantastic he has a new job in town.

your zoo pics are adorable. so sweet she called you mama. :) i wish mine would say it more. they are boys of few words. :)