Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kansas-Craft Fair

We flew in to Wichita
and sweet Megan picked us up at the airport
We grabbed lunch at chipotle
and headed out to Carolyn's (a family friend of Megan's)
She has a beautiful house
with a lake, tons of land and
a bunkhouse where we slept.

We got up early the next morning
and headed out to the big Craft Show
in Hillsboro, Kansas.

We met up with Jess and her lovely sister Ann
and shopped the craft fair
and surrounding fun places Megan knew about
Then went out to 2 barn sales

Janey was a super happy baby
and also enjoyed the barn.

We were all in heaven
and probably never would have left.

But, cooking and having a wonderful
 dinner with Jess, her sister and mom,
was calling us back to Megan's.

The drive back was beautiful.

What a fun day of shopping with all the girls.
So much better than shopping with husbands,
that ask why we need one of those...
or what we're gonna do with that. ;)

Cooking with all of the women and Megan's daughters
in the kitchen was more than I can explain.
Dinner was delicious.
And chatting with the girls fed some part of me
that I didn't know had been empty.


kimi said...

it was super nice meeting you on saturday!! next time you want to go to missouri or kansas let me know and we will go thrifting :) have a great week!

kimi said...

omg, i just went to Megan's blog...and i seen a pic of you before i met you. LOL. I read her blog all the time and got her recipe for those chicken enchiladas...that is totally random!

PamperingBeki said...

Glad you had a good time.

meg duerksen said...

i forgot to send that picture!!! sorry!
i will do it right now.
i am a space cadet! my kids are all home today....woo-hoo!

it was so fun having you here sarah! i want to go back to our craft fair day and live it all again! seeing that barn for the first time....ahhhhh.