Thursday, July 30, 2009

Face to face with our first 'time-out'....

Miss Kenzie had her first time out today.
Well, her first 'real' time out.
I tried twice in the past couple of months,
but struggled with how to make her sit there
and understand it.

Her doctor talked through it with me at her last appointment.
Gave me some good advice and suggestions
Everyday, I have hoped we maybe wouldn't have to
put these suggestions into action just yet.

Today, though... it became very clear that
a stern no, and then little taps on the hand
were no longer swaying her decisions.

The final warning came and went.
And time out started.
Ugh, I hate it.
I hate hearing her cry, seeing those tears
stream down her face.
Breaks my heart.
But I knew I had to be firm, I have to set limits.

After about the 8th time of putting her back on her mat
she got up for the final time...
"Kenzie Hope you are in time out, sit back down"
She sulked back over and sat down and didn't move
until I went over after her minute was up
went over why she had to sit there, and
asked her to please not do it again.
Asked her for a kiss, and play resumed.

Whew. I'm just happy it didn't take the whole day
as I had anticipated.

Don't get me wrong, I knew it wouldn't be easy,
but discipline is tough.
I much prefer loving on her, playing dress up, and play food with her.

I love you more than you may ever understand, Princess.
Let's try to keep the time-outs to a bare minimum.


Megan said...

At first I hated to do time outs as well. It sounds like you did a super job. Discipline can be so hard. Too bad our babies aren't just perfect all the time - I guess we will have to settle with most of the time. :)

JB said...

lol... poor lil miss kenzie and poor mommy too!!!!! good job though, sarah! yay!