Friday, September 3, 2010

Solo Road trip.

A little peek at my
just me, myself and I
mini road trip.

Parts of my trip via my iphone...

I love this kind of ice. But this was NOT a yummy coke.
Something was wrong with it, and I sadly didn't taste before I left.
Hate when that happens.

Yes, I was that girl. 
Taking pictures while driving. 
The drink picture was taken while at a gas station.
So I wasn't moving in that one at least.
Judge me if you must.

I actually pulled over for this one.  The sky was so amazingly beautiful.
This does not do it any kind of justice.

Being by yourself in a hotel room, doesn't leave much room for 
exciting things to do...
I had just scarfed down some Delicious
funnel cake sticks from burger king.
Have you had them? SO good.  so NOT healthy.

Should have gotten a picture of those yummy treats.
Instead you just get me.

Good morning.

Looked like a big fireball in the sky.

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