Friday, October 1, 2010

A little bit of this. A little of that.

A shot I got of my sister and Kenzie 
at my sister's rehearsal dinner.

Love McKenzie's little pink converse.
Shoes are 10 times cuter when they're tiny.

My sister in law's homecoming is today
and I did the garter and mum again this year.
Next year will be the last one for her, and it's going to be a little sad.

they're the mustangs, so every year I try to do something a little different 
using some sort of 'horse type' item on the mum and garter.

Next year Caitie will have a four flower mum....
I think it's possible that she'll tip over from the weight of the thing.
She's a tiny girl.

And for her special boy
who plays soccer and is a senior this year....

We got season passes for the Fair.
Cause we love it oh so very much.
And Hubby actually had to check in with some clients
and make sure things were going smoothly for them, there.
So we were able to go along with him that day as well.

They have different singers and bands who come and perform at the Fair.
Last weekend was Brooke White (former american idol contestant). 
 I liked her on the show, and I like her even more after seeing her perform.
{This Saturday is the Eli Young Band...
super excited for a date night with my hubby!}

Big Tex.
& crazy Kenzie faces.

We took kenzie on the Ferris Wheel.
She loved it.
And asked to go again when we got off.

{from our Camping at the lake trip awhile back}

We've been thinking about our family vision recently.
What we want for our family.
What our goals are.
We aren't sure where God is leading us.
But, we're praying and listening and talking about it.
There are two things I'm positive of and one of those 
is that some of it will involve being outside of our comfort zone.
It makes me a little nervous, and I get those little flutters in my stomach
just thinking about what God has in store for us.

In the past I've felt 'not good enough'
or 'not christian enough'
so I feel I've ignored some of the things 
I was supposed to be doing.
But, I'm wrestling with those feelings
and working on them.
So that those feelings don't interfere with
what God truly wants for us.


Tegan Aubrie said...

That last picture is just beautiful.

And your fair offers SEASON PASSES?! That is just brilliant.

Mindy M. Harris said...

precious Sarah. I'm overwhelmed and touched for you in the bestest way. Praying God will continue to lead you, give you courage, wisdom, and peace.
Also, you got to go camping? that is my favorite thing of all time?
And you got to see Brook sing? I loved her?
How are ya?