Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For the last week...

I hung out with my favorite man...

and we woke up to this....

and watched beautiful sunsets like this one...

We had an amazing early 5 year anniversary trip
(our anniversary is in May)  in Aruba, this past week!

And Kenzie enjoyed a week with Oma (who was on her spring break)
and Opa who took some days off work to spend extra time with Miss Kenzie.
We're so grateful to them for loving on her while we enjoyed a little time to ourselves!!

And even though,
The go anywhere, do whatever,
no stroller, no meltdown 
(except for the one I may have had on the plane ride out, over leaving my little girl for a whole week, and all the mommy worry that goes with that)
 trip was SUPER.
We missed our little girl a lot, 
and are so SO glad to be home with her again.

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The Future Mrs. Knifton said...

Good for you! That trip looks amazing! And, I could use some tips on leaving the kiddo... we'll be leaving M for a week in September... *sniff*...