Monday, April 18, 2011

Makes my heart happy.

I love love love
Spring, Easter, bluebonnets 
and these two girls....

My sister in law

and my favorite 3 year old, full of attitude and style 

I'm still absolutely dying
over this dress.
A birthday present from her 'Aunt' Ro
Kenzie and I both have been impatiently waiting
since January 
for the right time to do Easter pictures
...Well Kenzie didn't care why we put the dress on, 
she just wanted to wear it very badly almost every day.

and the perfect jewelry for the occasion,
also a bday present from another special person, her 'Aunt' Shelly.
My friends sure do know how to spoil my little girly girl.
(and her girly girl mama... cause lets face it, i love everything she got more than she does)

1 comment:

The Future Mrs. Knifton said...

Oh... that DRESS! Let's hope #2 is a girl too, so you can get more use out of it. ;)