Monday, August 22, 2011

29 weeks.

    ( 24 weeks. Jacksonville Beach, FL)

Today is week 29 of my 2nd pregnancy.
I think I say it almost every day... it's flying by too too fast.
I'm really enjoying being pregnant this time around, sure I could have 
dealt without the horrible gag reflex, the 'morning' sickness, the heartburn
the aches... the texas heat....  But outside of those things, I've really loved it. 
I love the baby bump.  And I love feeling him move around in there.
Maybe it's how long it took to get pregnant this time around that's making me cherish it more...

I had my glucose test a week ago and got the results on saturday... I passed! whoo hoo.
Keep passing me those chocolate chip cookies.
But, they did find that I'm anemic and I need to add in an iron supplement.  Easily done.

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