Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So busy...

I've been super busy lately.
Getting new pieces done for the shop.
Last minute invitation crafting.
Party prep.
And of course trying to soak up and enjoy the remaining weeks of my daughter's first year.

I'm a mushy person, and an even sappier mother.
I've been brought to tears by party preparation, thoughts of party day, moments of remembering her birth and those first weeks, and just watching her and the way her 'play' and interaction with us and others has changed.  
She's just growing so fast!

.... Friday Feature will resume next month, and maybe another giveaway too!


Sarah said...

They do grow up fast! Enjoy every moment with her. Happy New Year!
Vintage Lily

Megan said...

Wow your baby looks so big. I haven't looked at a picture of her recently. She's a cutie. And yes, I find it hard not to laugh at the twins' antics. I have to make myself scold and punish them, bc really things like cheerios on the floor feel like nothing. But I want them to learn to follow rules so...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Funny you should visit my blog just then as I was just visiting yours!

Such an amazing thing to watch children grow. It happens so fast. I don't have my own at this point, but have watched my niece and nephew grow (I was there for both of their births!). I marvel almost daily at how they could possibly be as big/as tall/as talkative/sassy/dynamic/mischievous/smart as they are.