Monday, January 12, 2009

.... still so busy

I'm still busy.
Still all consumed with 1st birthday party plans.
I'm trying to complete new pieces for the shop, but it's super slow at this point.

Did a photo shoot of McKenzie today with my lovely friend Erin.
She was so kind to offer to come help me...
so I didn't have to settle for some small portrait studio I don't want to use.
(money is tight)

It went so much better than expected.
There were balloons and laughter.
And the photos turned out super cute...
if I do say so myself.

This is from the end of the shoot, walking back to the car...
it's all that I can show due to family and friends reading my blog
I don't want to spoil any cuteness (full outfit or pictures) before the party.
...all my favorites will be posted next week.

I've gotta finish up favors and other such things.
And later on this week, 
friend Jessica is offering up her creativity  
and helping me with McKenzie's cake.

I leave you with the adorable cake she made 
for her sister's baby shower this past weekend....

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