Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

McKenzie Hope,
Having a child is such a precious miracle.
And I'm beyond blessed to be your Mama.

You are the shining little star of my world.
Such a tiny girl with a huge bright personality!

Each day I see you changing & learning..
becoming such a 'big girl'.  
You are so smart, 
and are more beautiful 
with ever passing moment.
It makes me so proud... 
and a little sad all at once.
You are just changing almost faster 
than I can document or hold on to
the memory...

You make me laugh so hard
I might cry or pee my pants...

You touch my heart in such a way...

Precious daughter, please always know
no matter what, that I love you more 
than words could ever explain or express.
And nothing, and I do mean nothing 
will ever change that baby girl.


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