Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A list of Eights.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1. Jessica & Eric's wedding.  Can't wait to see everything come together, and see the two of them finally become husband and wife. 
2. Going on vacay with the family to Florida. A little apprehensive about Kenzie's first plane ride, though.
3. Coming back from said vacay with a nice tan.
4. 4th of July.  Though I do miss the 'old' Garland 4th celebration, when it was in downtown. Oh those were the days.  
5. Visiting family in San Antonio. (crosses fingers that schedules for everyone work out)
6. The State Fair. Kenzie will be old enough to enjoy more of it this year.
7. Christmas.  
8. Adopting. One day in the future.

8 things I did yesterday.

1. Baked cupcakes
2. Baked cookies
3. read books with Kenzie
4. Lots of Crafting.
5. went to Shelly's & decorated for Jessica's bachelorette/lingerie party
6. Had drinks, food, and great conversation with wonderful friends
7. Made scrapbook pages for the brides scrapbook with all the friends
8. Sang Karaoke in Shelly's living room with Jessica, Erin and Shelly after the party had wound down.

8 things I wish I could do.

1. Travel the world.
2. Feel like I can share more.  Show my heart.
3. Freeze time and keep my baby girl a baby longer.
4. Be more courageous 
5. Have more faith 
6. Draw like I used to
7. rent a space for a studio 
8. Take away pain.

8 shows I watch.

1. So you think you can dance.
2. The Bachelorette
3. Gilmore Girl Repeats
4. Real Housewives
5. The Fashion Show
6. Jon & Kate
7. Big Bang Theory
8. Numbers

...Thank goodness for DVR. 

8 People I Tag.
Whoever feels like doing this list that has a blog.

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