Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Snow Days just keep on coming...

As I sit here it is STILL snowing outside.
Big flakes. Swirling around in the wind.
It's been snowing for the last hour and a half or so.
It's built up a lot on the roads and sidewalks,
but I'm pretty sure that at least in our area,
there won't be much to play in this time.

All this snow is crazy.
I almost feel like I don't live in Texas anymore.

These are from last week's crazy snow...

Morning of the day we got about 7in. of snow...

Next day.  So glad we went and played in the snow some more at both our parks.
because later on that day you could barely tell in some areas 
that we had even had snow.
That's Texas for you.

Kenzie felt it was a little bright.

 checking out the half frozen half flowing stream below...

listening to the woodpecker

This girl loves to swing.