Friday, March 27, 2009

A List of Firsts

On February 22nd, McKenzie started walking 
And since her first birthday in January there's
been a plethora of firsts... My baby changes every day.

I haven't shared all I've wanted to about her recently
because of Cora's passing.  It felt wrong somehow...

She can point out her
hair (what little she has)
belly button
and feet

She says
go go
daddy (which is also meant as "what's that")
mama (but she doesn't really call me mama, she just says it)
uh oh
woof woof  (when asked what a dog says, or when she sees or hears a dog)
She also says ooohhhoo at things she finds to be pretty 
or exciting.

Opa being the nature lover that he is has taught her to sniff flowers
So now whenever she sees a flower... real  or not.  She sniffs.

I bought her some chunky crayons this month 
and she's actually done some scribbling
though she prefers to take the crayons out of the box 
and put them back in, more than actually putting crayon to paper.

Taking things out of something and putting them back in, 
or putting lids on things is a constant source of fun.

She also kisses with a puckered closed mouth now.
Which is sorta sad, cause I miss her slobbery kisses.
But it's so much cleaner now.

She can drink from a straw now ,
and loves her juice boxes.
(Do they still make those juice box holders? 
We need one..BAD)

And she loves to bring me books to read.

Though it's a little sad seeing my baby grow and change so fast.
It's exciting, fun, and such a great adventure.
Babys/Kids are so interesting...
the way they learn, what they can accomplish.
Life is such a precious miracle.

After pulling my new scarves out of the bag
I showed her how to wear it, which
received many "ooohhooo" s as she 
'pranced' around the room.


Anonymous said...

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Margaret said...

Aw she is so cute. It is so fun to watch all of thier firsts. They do grow fast though.

JB said...