Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New for Stella Jade

I had an order yesterday for one of the butterfly necklaces
I made in memory of Cora.
This special necklace is going to a friend of the purchaser 
as a birthday present.

So as I started packaging it up, I became frustrated with the way
I've previously been sending my items...
Just wasn't as pleasing to the eye as I'd like.

So I decided on making these cards for my jewelry:

and then some pretty gift wrap for the birthday girl:

I also recently got my order of kraft jewelry boxes
(many months after starting to look and trying to decide
exactly what I wanted/needed), 
and a huge box of 'Go Green' mailing envelopes.
I've rearranged my work space a bit, and am working
on hanging pictures and such to bring some color and fun in.
A space to feel inspired in.
I'm excited about all the wonderful change!

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