Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hope I don't gross you out.

Yesterday was NOT fun.
Kenzie woke up vomiting.
And continued to do so 
about every 30-60 minutes.
until roughly 8pm last night.

I hate seeing her suffer.
Luckily, even though my usual reaction
to the smell of vomit is to gag 
and feel like I may do so myself,
when it's my kid, I didn't smell a thing.

Kenzie's a little crazy
when she throws up.
She flails. 
She throws anything in her reach.
She grabs at you.
And even at herself.

Trying to get her to throw up 
in one of our big bowls
was almost completely out of the question.
So puke was pretty much all over everything.
Me, her, pillows, blankets, burpies,
the couch, the floor...everything.

I tried to keep a towel down over the couch.
Did roughly 5 loads of laundry.
And several jammie changes.
Had a bubble bath.
Napped on the couch.
Tried apple juice and crackers.

Eventually, Daddy left work
and brought home some
pedialyte and bananas
which she eventually kept down
and whatever bug she had, passed.

Thank Goodness!
Let's hope these little stomach bugs
are few and far between in our household.

She's back to her old self again today.

(Picture from her birthday lunch with Oma and Mama)

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Megan said...

oh yuck! poor girl! i'm glad it was only a one day thing.