Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spoke too soon.

We're now both sick.
Kenzie went all of yesterday
without throwing up...
but wouldn't eat much.
Understandable, I'm always afraid
to eat after being sick like that.

And this morning,
I woke up the same way Kenzie did 
the other morning... throwing up.
As I type I'm trying to keep it together.
I thought blogging and checking up on everyone
might take my mind off of it.

I went up and got Kenzie, 
thinking today was going to be bad
with a child who should be completely back to herself
and me feeling awful.
I made her some milk and cereal.
And minutes later she threw it all up.

Not something you want to clean up
when your feeling sick yourself.

I know it's trivial, and it's just vomit.
And people are way worse off, but if you would...
Pray for us to get better.
And even more, pray for Hubby, that 
he'll manage not to pick up whatever we've got.

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