Monday, March 22, 2010

Just the three of us.

Mom, Sister and I traveled 
to Austin and San Marcos 
this weekend to do some shopping.

It was pretty crowded due to SXSW
but we had a good time. Some of 
the shopping was a let down.
Regardless, we found a few things,
and we ate some good food along the way.

It was a nice getaway.
Something we've never done, just the three of us.

Like Olive Garden brings mints, Home Slice brings smarties.
Mom and sis had already grabbed theirs 
before I had a chance to snap a picture.

Our hotel was outside of Austin, and this was the view 
as we drove there.  Some rooms in our hotel had this view, sadly
we only had a sliver of the view from our room.

Next day at the outlet mall in San Marcos. 

Liz spotted, what we've always called 'Kissing Flowers'

Johnny Rockets. The waiters bring bowls for your ketchup
and they make these smiley faces for you. Too cute.

We had Hey cupcakes before, when we traveled with David for work.
So we took Mom to the one we had been too on Congress.
Then spotted this one near our hotel the next day, 
and grabbed cupcakes for Dad, Hubby, and Kenzie.

Dinner at Flores.

Scrabble after dinner.

We headed back home the next day 
in the freezing cold and rain.
Glad we went at just the right time to
enjoy the lovely spring like weather.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

stopped in from fabulous k...i love san marcos it's been awhile since i drove down, but i'm really wanting to make a pottery barn outlet trip :-)

Becca said...

Love the smiley face ketchup! :-) fun!