Sunday, February 22, 2009


The first one was done by Friend Jessica, I helped in small ways.
Mixed things, put the icing on the cupcakes, cleaned up behind her, etc.

McKenzie's Birthday Cake
Yes, from her party that was more than a month ago :

There's a princess, a banner, and 
a star wand (wands were sent out with the invites)
all made out of fondant by Jess.
I learned a lot by watching her (she's so talented!).

So, I attempted this cake for Erin's bridal shower yesterday,
I'll work up to more complicated things later...

David had to knead the fondant, cause it really does hurt my hands a lot.  
Maybe I'm a wimp. ...whatever.

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Megan said...

really cute cakes! i love the purple. now this might be a silly question, but can you eat the fondant?