Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good and productive day!

I got much accomplished today.
Which I'm really relieved about.

I finished all the thank you cards to send out to people who brought gifts 
to Lil' Miss's birthday party.
Yes I was behind. 
But i have good excuses, illness and moving. 
Bad combo for getting anything accomplished. 

I finished 5 new pieces for the shop.
Here's 1:

Hope to have them all posted in the shop by the end of the weekend.

And I'm finishing up on shower invites this evening. 
My paper cutter and I are at odds, so it's been rough getting 
those invites precise. But no fear, I'm making it happen.

And a bonus cap off to the day,
my hubby just told me that he won a contest at work, 
and the prize is a flat screen tv.
I'm super excited. We've talked about buying one for ourselves for the past 2 christmases, 
and now we get a pretty and free 40" delivered directly to our door next week.
Oh happy fun day.

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JB said...

xoxo my love...miss you...need to get together soon...