Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cora's Playground Etsy Benefit Sale

So many of us in the blogging community 
have been touched by Cora's story.
Our hearts are hurting for her sweet mommy and daddy
and I think we've all been searching for a way to help.

Thanks to Julie's sweet efforts, 
many of us have come together to 
donate proceeds from our shops to Cora's Playground.
for donating the Sweet Button design for our blogs.

If you feel led to help, click on the pink button in my side bar 
and it will direct you to the items/shops donating proceeds 
to Cora's Playground.
Please copy and paste the link underneath the button 
and add it to your own blog to help us spread the word!
 (And if you need help adding it, just let me know)

You can read more about Cora's life 
and find out more about the playground 
from Jess and Joel's blog, HERE.

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