Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Mum & Garter

My sister-in-law Caitie
asked me to make her
garter for her date again this year.
And I got the pleasure of doing her mum as well!
Hooray! I love making these :)

If you aren't from Texas,
at homecoming the girls and guys
wear these elaborate fake mums
adorned with tons of ribbons and trinkets.
It's GREAT fun.

The Garter:

I didn't have a chance to grab a shot of the
whole mum, but here's the top part.
Her school is the mustangs,
so that's the reason for the horse
I attached a sparkly hat
and then added a tiara... and of course
it's holding a sparkly football.


PamperingBeki said...

These things always crack me up!! That is one thing we don't do in Kansas. :) You did a great job!

sarah said...

amazing. we definitely don't know of these in new york. that looks elaborate and awesome!