Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hunger Challenge. Day 3-4

I was terrible about doing my final Hunger Challenge Posts.
The last two days we did the challenge.  Kenzie and I had
chicken, cheese, and tortillas.  For lunch and dinner we'd have different sides.
Such as nachos or grapes.

It's 5.33 for a package of the chicken I buy.
And there are enough left overs for several meals.
You could use it on a salad, make wraps, etc.

So over two days
Eating grapes and nachos to accompany our lunches and dinners
Chicken: 5.33
Tortillas: 1.58
Cheese: 1.78
Bag of Chips 1.50
2 Handfulls of grapes 1.00
$11.19 Total
for two lunches and two dinners
Drinks & Breakfast aren't added in here.
But were well within our $16 dollars
for two days for two people.

A thought that came into my mind at the end of the week
was the inability to have people over for dinner.
Unless you asked each person to bring a portion of the meal.

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