Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunger Challenge

Like many people I've started a budget.
We changed how often we grab fast food or eat out.
Set a budget at the grocery store,
and started feeling pretty good about it.

Then I read about the hunger challenge.
More than 35 million people
in our country are on food stamps
- up 3 million just since January.


My budget of $100 dollars a week for groceries
all of a sudden looked like a bit of a luxury.
Especially since we can stretch that a bit if needed (or wanted).

People on food stamps get just
4 dollars a day per person
for now.
It has been just 3 dollars a day.

I started the challenge today.
(McKenzie included)

I use the price of the item
and divide by ounces
total the amount of ounces used
to come up with my price for each item eaten.

Bowl of Cheerios no milk (2)
glass of water
cup of milk w/carnation instant breakfast
Total: $ 0.94

Hotdog no bun (2)
Nachos (10 chips and cheese)
glass of water
cup of water & juice mixed
Total: $0.89

Toddler lunchable
Cup of Milk w/carnation
Glass of Pepsi (I got a liter of pepsi for 89 cents today!)
Total: $2.88

Day Grand Total: $4.71

Tomorrow I'll try to grab pictures when I make us a meal.
Today was a little crazy since getting back from Kansas.

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