Friday, November 13, 2009

My first gift this Christmas.

Megan was the one who made me more aware
of the desperate need for water, and introduced us to this organization.

4500 mothers bury their children every day
due to contaminated water.
This is an astounding, heartbreaking number.

For a fraction of what Americans 
spend during the holidays

 the whole world could be 
equipped with clean water.

All donations go directly to the non profit
charity:water, who will in turn take 100%
to clean water solutions in West Africa.

Just 10 dollars will give life-saving clean water 
to one African for 10 years.

For less than what we spend 
on a fast food meal for 2
We can change a life for 10 years!

$5000 drills a well for an entire village.
Let's join as a blogging community 
and build a well in Africa!

Make this your first gift this Christmas Season.

Julie said it best:
"$10 is hardly a sacrifice for me. 
But I know with all of my heart, that $10 will be
by far the best money that I will spend this Christmas season."

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