Monday, November 9, 2009

Super Girl Costume!

My first time making a halloween costume...
Sketched out my super girl emblem.
Worked up how I'd attach the cape 
and added a skirt to a plain white onesie.

Found some Fantastically fun fabric
the Night before Halloween.
Sewed it all together on Halloween day 
hours before the fall festival.

Had last minute help from my mother
to sew the cape onto the onesie 
and attach the skirt to it as well
While I had a quick shower before the festivities.

I had an issue with the zigzag stitch so my 
emblem didn't go quite as planned.
And sewing on letters is quite a process.
Didn't quite get the skirt as I would have liked.

But hey, it worked.
No one else had a costume like hers.
And after a super girl sized meltdown
She had some fun, played some games
bounced in the bounce house
at some candy
trick or treated down my parents street
That's all a barely 2 year old can handle
after not enough sleep and too much sugar.
It was fun a day :)

Cinderella and Super girl. Besties.

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