Monday, November 2, 2009

Texas State Fair- On my birthday.

Day 1.Part 1.
There were already plans to go to the fair
with my parents, sister and sister's fiance Michael.
But on my birthday, I made a last minute decision
about what I'd like to do for the day....
I wanted to go to the fair, I couldn't wait another moment.

It was the perfect day to go.
Overcast, barely a crowd.
I enjoyed it so much!
And because of the lack of crowds
Kenzie was able to walk around some.
On days like the second day we went,
it's just SO overly crowded.  She'd probably get trampled on.

Snuggled in ready to go.

First time I tried pigtails with Kenzie's teeny amount of hair.

Rode the skyway across the fair and back.

Big Tex and my favorites.

The craft tent. This is usually PACKED.
I should have gotten a picture the second day we were there.
I know the vendors probably didn't like it,
but I was finally able to actually look and enjoy.

Pig Races.

Checkin out the animals.

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