Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Texas State Fair Day 2. Part 1.

My family has a tradition of going to the fair.
Every year. Mom, dad, me and little sister Liz.
I think we've missed maybe a year of my 26 years.
And of course we've added our significant others
and now my little girl.

We  have always grabbed donuts and drinks before hand
And gather at the Lagoon as early as we can manage.
This year, that wasn't until almost noon
because of the dart insanity. And the UT OU game.
Fun Fun Fantastic Times.

"It's crazy in here"

In the hole.

Mashed in-between UT and OU fans

Kenzie was passed out in the next car in Opa's arms.

Finally at the Lagoon.
Way past donut and milk hour.

Knock Knock.

The little hands farm.

They pick up fruits, veggies, wool, feed the chickens etc.
Then they're given a play dollar when they 'sell' their findings at the market
and get to pick a little snack with the dollar. She got fruit snacks.


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