Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm so lame.

I'm lame.
My blog is always neglected.
Probably because I still feel
I haven't found my voice with it, yet.
I have lots going on, and much to share.
And pictures I always want to show.
But, I just don't know how to throw it all together.
I don't know why this occurs...
I use to love to write, and tell stories and put my heart out there...
(those old days in which I had a xanga)


The Four Seasons Market is still going
And I'll be out there for the next 3 Saturdays.
So... everyday I'm working on new pieces.
I finished 11 today... a very productive day
if I do say so.
The market takes my anxiety level up.
Makes me more self conscious than normal.
But, I LOVE it.
I love being in front of my potential costumers.
And even though I'm shy, I love meeting everyone.
I enjoy the immediate feedback I can get from a 'face to face' encounter.
Whatever feedback that may be.  Even if someone says nothing,
I can still gauge how my items are being perceived...
what needs work, etc.

We put up Kenzie's tree last week.
It was so much fun this year.
Last year she barely said a few words
and wasn't walking.
It's not more fun, just a different fun.
I cherished every moment of it,
and hope I'll never forget.

Hadn't seen my sweet baby cousin, Morgan, since April
Needless to say, she had changed a bunch by Thanksgiving.
Her 1st birthday was today (well, now yesterday).
McKenzie is just shy of being 2.

Morgan has the biggest, brightest blue eyes ever.
which don't come across in any of the three pictures here.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday
I enjoyed Black Friday insanity with my sister and friends
and then worked a lot and slept very little
getting ready for the market that saturday after.

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