Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's not even 2 yet.

At our house, we have 'unofficially'
entered the terrible twos.

Throwing tantrums at home, at restaurants, at Oma and Opa's...

Sunday we didn't make it to church, and were headed to brunch
with some friends... we were minutes from needing to leave,
And a time-out was needed.  
It wasn't even noon yet. 

Monday she hit me.
Time out again.
Then she threw tantrums 
about not wanting to sit in her highchair at dinner
and another one was necessary. 

Luckily, yesterday there was nothing 
that warranted a time-out.
But, I felt like I was going to pull my hair out 
by the time David got home.

And then there are those funny, cute, special perfect moments..
Like her singing and running back and forth in her crib 
after we've laid her down at night.
And all the things she can say and the sentences she forms.
Like pointing to her christmas tree and pronouncing,
"I LIKE it!".
Or her silly 'fake' giggle.
Or a million and one other things,
that make all the other  'bad' stuff 
feel like it's not that big of a deal.

Whether it's a day full of crazy.
Or one filled with hugs and kisses 
and an agreeable little girl.
I'm lucky to have her.
Blessed to be her mama.

But, it is much easier to remember that
when I'm being snuggled and kissed on

rather than when being hit with a toy.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I hear ya. I call them the tantrum twos. I've got a hitter as well. At dinner time it seems I am always saying, "You have a choice. You may sit in your chair or you may sit on your time out stool. Pick."

But I'm also with you on how fun and wonderful they are.

And I also can't wait until the next stage. You know, the one with no tantrums. :) Does that exist?