Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 320

Pain and Suffering
makes us realize we're all broken
& we live in a broken world
Pain, suffering, and hardships
can bring us together,
make us see we're all the same.

I believe in miracles,
amazing amazing things,
can come out of the other side of pain.

Cora's Playground was an example of this.
It brought a community together,
it brought bloggers together,
Cora's Playground was built
and the love of Jesus and the hope we have because of him
was shared with so many people through the Cora's Playground fund,
and Jess and Joel's story of hope and faith.

I wish it hadn't of had to been what it was.
I wish that one sweet couple and sweet family
didn't have to endure that kind of heartache

And now I wish that children weren't dying
That mother's weren't burying those children.

... through the suffering and the pain they've endured
God's love will be shown to others,
shared with a broken world.

I am in constant awe of his love.
Of his grace.

And so thankful for the big heart he's given to Julie.
She has an amazing way of taking a need,
and finding the perfect, most awesome way of filling that need.

Project 320
supporting Charity:Water
Giving to those in need.
So they can have clean drinking water.
So they might not suffer.

Over 300 items have been donated for the prize bundles.
And many have already started giving the gift of water
before the bundles have even been shown.

To Give.
and win.
Go here: Project 320

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