Monday, December 14, 2009


Yesterday we visited a second new church.

I've been at our church for 22 years,
David's been there since he was born...
So this is a challenge.
Leaving our comfort zone.
Following a tug that's been gently pulling
at our hearts for some time now....
I'm embarrassed to say for how long.

Certain events finally kicked us in the butt
(for lack of better words)
and we visited the first church a few weeks ago.
It was wonderful. Different. Nothing bad to say at all.
I felt good about it. We felt good about it.

But, it felt as though we were still searching.

This past Sunday, we visited another church.
Just right down the road. Didn't even take us 2 minutes to get there.

As soon as we walked in,
we were cheerfully greeted.
And greeted again by several different people.
It was so warm, and welcoming.
Just as how I've always felt it should be.

what a breath of fresh air.

We were invited to Sunday School,
told where they meet.
Introduced to the man who leads it.
They were helpful, and caring, and involved.

again. Such a breath of fresh air.

And in worship service.
I felt so intensely,
the hands of God.
I felt His embrace,
like I haven't felt in years.

I was in awe.
It was...
everything I needed,
and everything I didn't know I needed.
Tears in my eyes now,
as I remember the flood of emotions that
washed over me yesterday morning.
As I remember that closeness.
The yearning.
The comfort.

We're still praying.
Returning back next week to try their earlier service
and the sunday school class that follows.

The uncertainty, at this point is caused by
our uncertainty in where we'll be living in a month.
Our lease is up, and we're looking for somewhere else to live.

I know that if this is where God has lead us.
If this is to be our church home,
He'll make it work.

... and just a sample from the many photos I took yesterday
for our Christmas cards:

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