Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

... missing my husband today,
wish he had been here with us.
But, tomorrow he'll be back,
and it doesn't have to be valentine's day
for us to spend some quality time together.

The flowers that arrived at my house Friday
disappointed David when he saw the picture
and there was no balloon as he'd ordered for Kenzie.
So he called them.
they sent out a new bouquet and a balloon,
(he's still not fully happy about them)
But I Loved them both.

My dad is on business today as well,
so mom came out to our house
brought chicken Express, YUMMY.

We stuffed our faces.
We played with Kenzie
and watched the Olympics.

A pretty good VDay.

Yesterday while Dad was still here, 
Kenzie and I went out to Mom and Dad's 
to eat and shop.
And mom & dad had valentine's day goodies for us:

Our Loot...well mostly Kenzie's loot.

I LOVE my beautiful vase and the flowers in it.

The snow is starting to completely melt away today,
and I'm kinda sad to see it go.
So one more picture, just because I can...

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