Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day.

Getting this much snow in Texas
multiple times in one winter
is Nutty!

(EDIT: 5:15 pm:There has been 14 hours of snow, so far and still going!!
I wish I could find my camera battery charger. Stupid move, made me lose
where I put things.)

And even though, I have pretty much
had my fill of the cold.
I Love love love waking up to this
wintery wonderland.

and sharing the wintery wonderland
with this precious face.
She did NOT want to come back inside.

....and as I type it is STILL falling.

Edit#2: 12:12am: And it's still falling!
21 straight hours of snow and I live in Texas.
I repeat, Dallas, TX.
I wish we could have a day more of it, to be honest.
It's so pretty, and we don't get snow a lot,
and snow like this, here... I've never seen it.

And yes, my perfect temp is approx. 78.9 degrees.
But for this, and when I don't HAVE to be in it
I'll deal with freezing temps. [for a short time]

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