Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Road Tripping it. Pt.1

Not long ago, Hubby had a business trip to San Antonio
Kenzie, Sister and I tagged along to see family and play.

We stopped in Austin and San Marcus along the way 
(both on the way there and on the return trip home)

The backseaters.

Not long after.
Passed out.

Texas State Capital

Kenzie's first visit to the capital.

Pretty Sister.


Had never before noticed the hinges. 
Glad I did, made my day.


Took a liking to these trees.
Yes the trees. I know, I'm odd.

This was what they looked like up close.
Reminds me of a giraffe.

Her Street.

Antique Browsing...

Cracker Barrel. Pig Out.

We did shop at the Outlet mall. But I have no pictures.

In San Antonio, visiting family.

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