Friday, February 12, 2010


Thanks, my sweet Hubby!
(he's out of town this valentine's day)

I can't believe they actually got out and delivered today

(click the pictures to get the amazing full effect!)

yup, that's out my front door.
The birds were circling this morning, not sure of what to make of it.

I set my alarm for this morning, to make sure I didn't miss it before it started to melt.
i'm so glad I did!!!

Not sure what I expected to see...
But what I found outside my door
was Gorgeous!
I was in complete awe.

The last time Texas saw anything close was 1967 I believe.
And that was a few inches less than what we got yesterday.
It snowed for over 24 hours straight.

Ok. I'll get over it.  Maybe.


meg duerksen said...

i can't believe that is texas!!! that is crazy.
what beautiful flowers you got! lucky girl!

Nan said...

It is very pretty! But I confess, having lived in Canada for 7 years, I have a harder time getting excited about snow these days! LOL I'm pretty much dying to see the ground again... anything but WHITE! It's all in our perspective isn't it?! :^D Lived in Texas for 6 years... it snowed in Dallas the first week I was there and it was in October! What a shocker that was, coming from California at the time!