Friday, May 21, 2010

Changing Diapers.

My little girl's new favorite thing
is to pretend to change her baby dolls diapers.
So I bought her a little baby doll pack with a 
wipe case, changing pad and diaper.

I love watching her play.

She told me her baby needs new clothes
so I guess we need to buy a new doll
one where the clothes aren't stitched to the body.


Tegan and Tage said...

Oh so sweet. :) My son has recently become interested in dolls too, which I'm all for. I need to find him his own "baby".

Amy J said...

Isn't it fun having a girl? I love how they do "little mommy" stuff. My girls play with the same changing set... (i love target)..when they're no being crazy animals.

Anonymous said...

i keep thinking my son would love to have a stroller too!
cute blog :)

robyn said...

i keep thinking my 4 year old boy would love a stroller to push around!
cute blog!