Friday, May 14, 2010

McKenzie these days.

She's definitely asserting 
her independence right now.
And I say No, and send her to timeout 
more times than I can count some days.


The other day she shut herself in the pantry
trying to get fruit snacks.
And ended up screaming bloody murder
cause she couldn't get back out.
... don't know how many times I told her No fruit snacks.
Or please don't go in the pantry.

But, she's a great joy.
A blessing.
And super duper hilarious.

Being a pirate.

Last night she said:

"Mama I wanna wear those."
"No Kenzie, these are special rings from Daddy. 
They're mama's wedding rings"

At the store when she wants something
she'll grab it and say,
"We've gotta pay for it."

Pretending to put on makeup

She stops and dies laughing 
any time that volkswagon commercial comes on.
You know the one. With the blue van.
She finds it HILARIOUS.

Today while hanging on my leg:
"Mama, I like you."
"Well that's good Kenz, I like you too."

1 comment:

Amy J said...

She's adorable :) That all sounds so familiar... especially like my youngest, Sadie. She's always trying to get in the cupboard!