Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekend.

After the Market on Saturday we went out to Bass Pro Shops
We got some things we'll need for our trip in a couple weeks
and ate at the restaurant there.
They have this fun little spot at the back of the restaurant
overlooking the lake.

Afterwards we went home to play
outside in the water.

Saw this spider catch himself a snack.
Very neat to see.

And bath time.

and the Market on Sunday.

This looks really ridiculous with the mixture of black and white stands, 
but I am in the process of switching to all white.

Hubby chatting with our neighbor the bee keeper.
Do you love the child's bee costume he's sporting?!

After church, we went to dinner
Kenzie was a goof the whole way.
Of course with her finger up her nose.

At dinner she stuck a cracker in her mini burger 
and proceeded to sing happy birthday.
There is always entertainment when your hanging with Kenzie.


Tegan and Tage said...

What a beautiful weekend. I love the little things. :)

I think you can totally mix black and white display pieces! Some jewelry looks better on black than on white (like I love the way that necklace on the left side of that picture looks on the black back drop), you just need something else on the table to unify them, like a black and white runner or something. Just a thought. :)

sarahjane said..., that "bee guy" came to my school a few weeks ago for Earth Day. The honey store where they are located is in our neighborhood. Not sure how many 1st graders he has dealt with in his life, but let me tell ya the conversation with him and 6 year olds was hilarious...bee guy "the queen lays around a thousand eggs a day" talitha "she needs to sleep and stop making babies"

-Sarah Jane