Monday, October 24, 2011

14 days remain...

(maybe a few less... or a few more.)

of it being just this little girl.
Where she has my undivided attention all day.

of just a one seat stroller.
of just the 3 of us walks.
 {photo credit: the hubby}
{photo credit: the hubby}

of it being all about her
a whole lot of the time.

I wonder how she'll do.
I wonder how I'll do.
How we will all do.
I'm nervous & excited for all the changes that are to come.
Can't believe I'm 38 weeks today.
Feels like we just found out we were pregnant...
time surely does fly.


L. Shanna said...

She'll do great, and so will you!!

Megan said...

Wow! I've never made it to 38 weeks myself so you really are REALLy pregnant. I was nervous about bringing home a new baby and how the twins would react. Greyson was a little mad at me when I first came home. I think it was because I was gone for several nights and he wasn't used to that. There were a few brief moments of tension in the first month or two but overall adding Jude has been wonderful for everyone. L&G just adore him and love their baby way more than I ever thought they would. I imagine your daughter will be thrilled to have the baby (most of the time anyways). I just realized that I think the age gap between your kids is the same as mine. About 2ish months shy of 4 years?