Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 Rooms...

Cause we like to procrastinate.
And we ran into a few issues when we started Kenzie's room 
after moving in almost 2 years ago.
We are now not only putting together a 'nursery' 
but also trying to put together a 'big girl' room for Miss McKenzie.
It was a slow search for furniture for both rooms...
Craigslist takes time. lots of it.
We still need to replace the carpet... cause it has issues. Dirty Dirty issues.
And then finish up the furniture pieces.
But we've been working on as many things as we can 
that won't require bringing in heavy pieces of furniture
just to move them back out for carpet replacement.

What I worked on today in Kenzie's room:

This is in her reading nook.
There are shelves on the other side with books
and once I add a few more things in this little corner, I'll grab a full view shot.

And this is baby boy's reading nook:
After having my mom help me do the curtains for the closet
I decided to tackle the ones for the window by myself.  
I'm pretty proud of myself, and I'm sure it took me way too long, 
but I did them and they don't look terrible
so hooray.
I need to hang some prints around the shelves &
I want to add what I'd like to call a 'little man' chair  {a leatherette kids sized arm chair}
and a floor lamp.

I love when progress is being made.
It's good.
But slow progress makes me a little anxious.


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

Great job with the curtains! Both spaces look adorable-- nice job. :) You have books and a place to sit... what more do kids need?

Girlie Blogger said...

You are reminding me to work on my daughter's room. I'm a huge procrastinator too.