Friday, November 14, 2008

Another new one.

A new pair.
'Rose Garden' for the Hollywood Glam collection.
Available in the shop soon!

Yesterday, Oma came by and babysat McKenzie for a bit, while we attended our complex's Fall Party. There was food, drinks, black jack and prizes. Very fun. We really wanted to win the free rent..who wouldn't?! But at least we won something...a 'pizza party' as they called it. Three gift certificates for 1 large pizza from dominoes... we'll take it. Thanks :)

Fun news! McKenzie says Dog and daddy. Sometimes confuses the two and Kylie becomes daddy, but daddy is never 'dog'. So that's good at least. And other times it's a broken record of "da-dy, da-dy, da-dy, da-dy..." for absolutely everything. It's so fun watching her grow and learn.
I couldn't have ever imagined that this is how it would be.
That it would be THIS rewarding and THIS much fun.
I love being her if I could just get her to call me that...

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nathalie said...

aww how sweet!!! i love being a mom too. it is rewarding! however we have our days. sometimes joining the circus seem like a great idea! lol! she is to darn cute! and an early reader!