Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asparagus, Vows & Jewelry

  We don't live far from either side of our families and still attend the same church that we both grew up in (David from the time he was born, and me from the age of 4).  So every Sunday after church my parents treat us to lunch, which is somewhat of a tradition in the family.  When my parents first got married, my grandparents used to treat them to a meal once a week as well. 
 This week a new resturaunt opened up, Houlihans. They make most everything from scratch and our meals were delicious.  Kenzie enjoyed tasting their soup and asparagus.  And I had to resist, the entire time she chomped down on it, from saying "ewwww..gross!"  I want her to try things, and decide for herself what she likes and doesn't like. Wouldn't want my 'ewww..grossing'
at something to keep her from something that she might love.

The only thing she really doesn't care for her some of the beef mixed baby jar goop.  I love that she doesn't generally find anything that she doesn't like. 

Does anyone else watch Jon & Kate plus 8?  I adore that family and their show.  This past summer my sister and I watched and re-watched countless episodes.  
I do have to say, when I first began watching the show I wasn't very thrilled with the concept, and it angered me that they were being given a show and countless opportunities that many others deserved as well.  This was all felt in ignorance though.  As I continued to watch and learn more about them and understand their situation better, I felt sad, and a little ashamed for feeling the way I did.  They had endured struggles, and heartache, and had made the decisions that were best and right for them.  I was impressed with their firm decision to not reduce when they were presented with how many babies they were going to have.  And am constantly impressed with the way Jon&Kate bring up their family (regardless of the bickering and yelling that often happens...if you had 8 kids you'd probably do the same).  
And as I watched the past couple of Monday's episodes, I shed several tears over their many beautiful moments. And the new promotional commercial for Monday nights on TLC, isn't it lovely?  This is reality television at its best.

I've decided on what I'll be doing for The Spotted Box, and hope to show a finished piece here soon.  But until then, here's one more new piece to be added to the shop: 


JB said...

I heart John and Kate also ;)

meg duerksen said...

i enjoy the constant chaos on Jon and Kate.
it feels so familiar and comforting to me to see other live crazy like me.
but the way she talks to him is more than i can take. even with 8 kids...you have to respect and be respectful to your husband...especially if you are on tv!
but that's just my opinion. :)
and honestly...when she wouldn't let them use markers at the CRYOLA FACTORY!! i thought i would lose my mind. i had to turn it.
again....that's just me.

your jewelry is so pretty!

Chau said...

I'm glad that you are letting kenzie explore foods that you normally don't like. :) I hope I will be the same way.