Monday, November 3, 2008

Kennedy & Friends Co Giveaway!

Recently I was clicking around etsy to see what lovely things people are making that I could buy for Lil' Miss and stumbled across this talented girl, Natalie of Kennedy & Friends Co, she makes my absolute favorite thing in the world, TUTUS! (you can find one of my favorite ones listed on the side bar under "Things I adore") I love to hear the story behind the store front and clicked on the link to her blog. And not only does she make amazing tutus, she takes beautiful photographs and can make these adorable dolls. Oh how I hope McKenzie and I will be the winner of a new dolly!

And, not only is she giving away the adorable doll, but a tutu as well ! A dolly and a tutu for Lil Miss. It's all too much for words. I'm crossing my fingers that I win, and you too should enter...and cross your fingers for you, and your toes for me!

Fantastic Giveaway Here!!
and check out her shop here.

...and don't forget to head over to Julie's Blog and enter to win my giveaway as well, cause you can never have too many giveaways!!

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