Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Results:

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined in my giveaway hosted by the lovely Julie. It was such a tough choice, but she'll be announcing the winner later on today!! So be sure to check back to find out! I was so excited about the number of people who participated, and thrilled about all the choices of names, and am planning to do more giveaways and such in the near future.

I finished up the second custom piece and have it all packaged for mailing today. These earrings were made for a bride to wear for her wedding. And I'm hoping to get a bridal collection started in my shop very soon!! Because if you didn't already know, I adore all things Wedding related!

I am also working up a few more pieces right now and hope to have a couple more, plus the necklace and bracelet with their new name up in the shop by tomorrow.

One unfinished piece to be called Pink Canary:

Lil' Miss has been quite the little Monkey lately. Climbing up her papasan onto AnnaBelle's dog crate (learned I have to keep the papasan clear of any climbable objects). She also likes to stand at the pile of dvds (we're still not fully unpacked and arranged from our move) and throw each one off the stack, and then climb up the boxes stacked nearby.

And proof of her new favorite spot:

McKenzie, you bring such laughter and great fun into our little family!

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