Friday, November 21, 2008

Yes! Another Giveaway!

This giveaway (and all the giveaways done over at Modish)
will always put my giveaways to shame.
So here it is!
The second half of the November November giveaway over at Modish!
You can win all of this and more (over $800 worth)! :
Just head on over HERE and read about how to enter!

And don't forget about
the special discount and free shipping giveaway I'm doing!
Just leave a comment on this post or the previous one about the giveaway
...and you'll be entered to win!

*Special Note* You're discount and free shipping offer, if you win, will not expire for a full year! This means you can wait for upcoming sales use your coupon in conjunction with those! Hooray!

Big thanks! to Julie over at Joy'sHope, because I received my first 'actual' purchase in the store (sold something that wasn't a custom piece for a bid request). The customer found me through Julie's blog, yay!
She also requested gift wrap, so I'm going to show off my wrapping job:
(not a great picture, but it will do).

I love the holidays!

...and I like the cold, but don't like the change in the weather that brings on all the coughing, sniffling, sore throats and achey bodies. YUCK.
Kenzie got a cold as well, and we purchased a humidifier yesterday, seeing as though there's not much for a 10 month old in the medication area. It seems to have helped a lot, she's not as miserable as she was yesterday and the night that preceded that.
I'm really looking forward to bundling up, grabbing some hot chocolate and heading out to the HOLIDAY TREELIGHTING AND FIREWORKS CELEBRATION this weekend.

Oh you didn't think that was it for giveaways, did you?!!

The very talented owner of Kennedy and Friends Co blog and etsy shop, Natalie is having a giveaway as well. Seriously, even if I don't ever win a thing, I really enjoy spreading the word about all these talented women and their gorgeous handmade goodies! I am constantly in awe and inspired by the women behind the blogs I read.

Take a look at this little clutch purse. To die for!
If I could only want for one 'materialistic' thing this christmas, I think this would have to be it.

Image is by Natalie of Kennedy&Friends Co.

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JB said...
found these, they made me smile, i wanted to share the smile with you...<3